About us

The Autonome queer*feministische Referat (AQFR), meaning Autonomous queer*feminist Department, is a contact point for all those who are discriminated against based on their sexual or gender identity.

We organise feminist events free of charge that are meant for socialising, learning new things and empowering each other. Those events include not only workshops and talks, but laid-back socialising evenings such as game, bar or film nights as well.

All our events follow an intersectional approach and aim to create a space in which it is possible to deal with queer*feminist topics without any prior knowledge. This way we hope to give a glimpse into spaces that do not only deem social justice their goal but already live them through solidarity and mutual respect.

The AQFR is one of four autonomous departments of the AStA (student union) of the Ruhr-University Bochum and thus part of the student self-administration and self-representation. Every year there is a general assembly of all FLINTA* students at which the AQFR’s consultants for the following year are voted upon. The elected consultants of the 2022/23 term are Lea Richter, Noa Lategahn, Riz Wegnershausen and Sofie Rehberg.

Throughout the year the consultants are your contact person regarding any questions and problems. Feel free to contact us via e-mail or Instagram regarding any specific concerns you may have or just to start up a conversation with one another!:)